OpenTerminalHere Nautilus Script

Usually I don’t use graphic user interfaces to do my jobs, I prefer something like a black screen called “terminal” 🙂

Unfortunately sometimes I have no way, and I must use such interface. While a graphic user interface have a better user-friendly usage, it is the cause of many problems…and the better friend that I can have in such moments  is a terminal (that comes from the sky like an Angel). Today I realized one of the missing links between Nautilus and the terminal (any sauce: x-term, rxvt, gnome-terminal, etc.). So I created a simple script that will save the souls:


gnome-terminal --working-directory=$CURRENTDIR&

exit 0

You can save this script in .gnome2/nautilus-scripts and make it executable. I called the script and you can execute it with the right mouse button during Nautilus file exploration.

Good saves the Terminal and bless all its users!

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